Cyanco is the leading global supplier of sodium cyanide, enabling world scale mining of the most precious metal known to mankind; gold. As the only molecule which can effectively liberate gold from the mineral ores where it naturally occurs, nearly every gold mine around the world relies on sodium cyanide to accomplish this mission critical task. At Cyanco, safely producing and delivering sodium cyanide to support the gold and silver mining industries is all we do. For 25 years, it’s been not a by-product or non-core offering for us; it’s been Cyanco’s singular focus.

Founded 25 years ago as a small regional producer with only 28 million pounds capacity, Cyanco has consistently reinvested to become today the world’s largest producer of sodium cyanide with a total annual capacity of more than 350 million pounds, supplied globally.

Thank you to all of our Customers who have been critical to our success, and we look forward to the next 25 years of being Your Mining Solution.

Our Team

Every employee at Cyanco is part of a team that shares a commitment to quality and safety that shapes our company. We strive to be the best at what we do, because we believe that quality leads to success.

Our Product

All of our products and services are centered around one solution: sodium cyanide specifically produced for the gold mining industry. Our goal is to provide a delivery system focused on efficiency and safety.

Our Commitment

We believe everyone has time to be safe. At Cyanco, we continue to innovate and adapt to ensure the safety of our employees, our customers, and the environment.