• Case Study
Cyanco Savings in Action:

Cyanide Optimization for Central Canadian Gold Mine

High-grade underground gold mine with milling capacity of 3,000 TPD and total annual gold production of 100,000 oz.
Customer Need

After commissioning, Cyanco was asked to evaluate the cyanide consumption at the site to resolve the issues:

  • The mine was consuming unusually large amounts of cyanide.
  • Cyanide use fluctuated dramatically due to poor addition controls.

Cyanco’s Cyanide Control System (CCS) was installed as run in parallel with the normal manual titrations to verify the analysis. After successful verification, the CCS was used to improve the mine’s cyanide addition control.

  • Cyanide was able to be added based on the real-time cyanide concentration data.
  • The cyanide fluctuations were minimized after a few months, eliminating overdosing.
  • By eliminating the cyanide fluctuations and reducing the cyanide setpoint, the site reduced its cyanide use by 32%.
Operational Savings
  • 3K TPD
    Ore Processed

  • CCS® CN Control System Unit
    installed in the cyanide detox circuit

  • 32% reduction
    in cyanide usage

  • $300,000
    savings in cyanide

  • After commissioning, Cyanco was brought in to evaluate the cyanide consumption at a mine site to resolve issues related to an unusually large consumption of cyanide and dramatic cyanide fluctuations.