• Case Study
Cyanco Savings in Action:

Cyanide Savings for a Mine in North America

Open pit gold mine with agitation leach processes of 8,500 TPD.
Customer Need

After the mine was commissioned and in the production phase, they approached Cyanco to resolve cyanide addition control problems including:

  • Difficulty in seeing the titration endpoint
  • Time lapses between analysis and addition rate adjustments

Cyanco designed a Cyanide Control System (CCS) to fit their needs, including high analysis frequency and multiple sampling points to monitor the various cyanide addition points.

  • Cyanco automated the results from the analyzer to feed into the mill’s DCS using a 4 – 20 mA signal.
  • The DCS was then able to directly control the cyanide addition pumps, achieving specific setpoints with much greater accuracy.
  • The changes resulted in an ~30% reduction in cyanide use and another ~30% reduction in treatment costs.
  • In addition, the mine saved more than 2.5 man-hours per day while providing a more accurate analysis.
Operational Savings
  • 8.5K TPD
    Ore Processed

  • CCS® CN Control System Unit
    installed for cyanide addition control

  • $480,000
    savings in cyanide usage

  • $720,000
    savings in detox costs

  • Cyanco was approached during the production phase an open pit gold mine to improve the mine’s cyanide addition control problems.

    Cyanco designed a CCS with high analysis frequency and multiple sample points to control the various addition points. The results were automated to feed into the mill’s DCS system so the DCS could control the cyanide addition pumps with much greater accuracy.

    As part of our product stewardship protocols, Cyanco works in close partnerships with all customers to make sure our product is used in the safest, most effective and most environmentally-sound manner.  As part of this process, Cyanco provides our customers the most efficient and cost effective way to reduce the overall cost of ownership. At many mine sites, cyanide is is paid for twice: once during lixiviation and once for treatment. To avoid this, cyanide control is critical.

    As a result of Cyanco’s efforts, the mine saved over 2.5 man-hours per day while achieving a more accurate analysis. Across the year, the increased accuracy resulted in ~30% reduction in cyanide and another ~30% reduction in detox treatment costs.