International Cyanide Management Code

The International Cyanide Management Code (ICMC) For The Manufacture, Transport and Use of Cyanide In The Production of Gold is a voluntary industry program for the gold mining industry to promote:

  • Responsible management of cyanide used in gold mining
  • Enhance the protection of human health
  • Reduce the potential for environmental impacts

Cyanco is a Signatory of the International Cyanide Management Code, and all of Cyanco’s operational facilities and supply chains are certified under the Code for the safe manufacture, transport, and use of cyanide in the production of gold and silver. We encourage our customers to become ICMC signatories and we proactively assist our customers with any obtaining and maintaining ICMC certification to ensure the highest safety standards for our customers, their employees and their communities.

Key Elements of the ICMC

  • International standard requiring its signatory companies to produce, transport and use sodium cyanide in a responsible way that prevents adverse health impact to humans and protects the environment
  • Design and construct production plants to high standards and have good operating and maintenance practices and procedures to keep them safe
  • Protect personnel working with sodium cyanide by training them, having written work procedures and providing the proper personal protection equipment
  • Install devices to monitor the presence of hydrogen cyanide, have a detailed emergency response plan and train personnel what to do if a release occurs
  • Communicate and educate appropriate authorities and other stakeholders
  • Select transportation routes that minimize the risk to people and the environment
  • Train the drivers and other personnel involved in the transportation of sodium cyanide how to handle it safely and what to do in the case of an emergency
  • Package the sodium cyanide to minimize the risk of spills; use of bag/boxes meeting rigorous UN standards and securely load in sealed sea containers
  • Ensure the security of product during transportation by use of GPS and other monitoring devices and providing escorts to convoys equipped to respond to an accident or other emergency
  • Have a detailed Emergency Response Plan and provide training and regular emergency drills to ensure the protection of people and the environment

The overarching goal at Cyanco is to ensure that no person is injured or suffers adverse health effects, and no harmful environmental impact is caused through the production, transportation, storage and use of Cyanco’s sodium cyanide in the mining industry

Cyanco aims to achieve this goal by taking the following measures to prevent an incident or release:

  • Design and construct its sodium cyanide plants to best industry standards
  • Utilize start-of-the-art control systems and process interlocks to prevent releases and install continuous environmental monitoring devices throughout the plant
  • Operate and maintain its plants, terminals and equipment to ensure their ongoing safety and to prevent releases
  • Design and construct packaging materials and transportation vehicles that will retain their integrity in the event of an incident
  • Use experienced transporters and plan to use the safest transportation routes
  • Train its operators and third party contractors in the safe and proper handling of sodium cyanide, and provide the appropriate personal protective equipment
  • Conduct regular training exercises in order to prepare for a potential sodium cyanide release or exposure