chemtrecEmergency Information

For any emergency involving Cyanco products, please place a collect call to CHEMTREC at one of the following numbers.
Emergency Phone:
USA and Canada
(Chemtrec Call Collect)
Mexico and International
(Chemtrec Call Collect)

The types of information CHEMTREC Emergency Service Specialists will request when you call:

    1. Your name, title & organization
    2. A callback number at scene
    3. Dispatch center phone number
    4. Description of incident and actions taken
    5. Type and number of injuries/exposures
    6. Material involved, including:
      1. Name of the product, preferably a trade name
      2. Carrier and trailer or car number
      3. UN, NA (placard) or STCC number of the product
      4. Points of origin and destination
      5. Name of consignee and shipper

Type or description and number of containers/packages

  1. Specific information you need right away (SDS, medical help, etc.)
  2. Size of or amount of release
  3. Location, time, weather at the scene

In an emergency, REMEMBER:

  1. Stay Calm
  2. Ensure your safety
  3. Evaluate/Isolate
  4. Call for help

Our Safety Data Sheets can be found on our SDS page. To open that page now, click here.
For more information, please refer to our wallet card PDF:

Click to download a PDF of our Wallet Card document.