image6Health & Safety

Safety is the number one priority at Cyanco and is taken very seriously. From our door to yours we ensure that every precaution is taken to keep people and the environment out of harms way.

We Believe

  1. The most important objective is safety and health.
  2. All injuries are preventable.
  3. Any task that can’t be done safely won’t be done.
  4. Working safely is a condition of employment.
  5. Every person is accountable for his or her own safety, the safety of those around them and for controlling loss.
  6. Every person is expected to identify hazards and manage risks.
  7. Every person must have and maintain the necessary skills to work safely.
  8. Proactive safety leadership, at all levels of the organization – leading to programs to minimize losses, will promote a safe environment.
  9. Business excellence is achieved through safety and continuous improvement.
  10. We have time to be safe.