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Chrome Books for Humboldt County School District

Since its beginnings in 1990, Cyanco has believed that we must be the best neighbors possible in support of our local communities.

This has never been truer than today, as we continue to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Cyanco has embraced several opportunities in recent months to support coronavirus relief efforts in Houston, TX, Cadillac, Quebec and Winnemucca/Humboldt County. We focused our efforts on healthcare workers/hospitals and children in need, as well as supporting local businesses.

Within Humboldt County, where Cyanco has its largest footprint, Cyanco enacted a multi-faceted plan to help, including a partnership with the Nevada Mining Association to provide emergency funds to Humboldt  General Hospital (HGH) and delivering fresh meals twice a week to the 200 HGH healthcare workers over the span of six weeks.

Cyanco also assisted the Humboldt County School District (HCSD) with the purchase of 51 new Chromebook laptops to support remote learning. The machines arrived last week, and according to District Superintendent, Dave Jensen, they will help meet a big need within the County.

Why are Chromebooks so important to the Humboldt County School District?

DJ: Like everybody in the US, we became more cognizant of COVID-19 in early Q1. We saw the way the virus was trending and quickly began planning for the inevitability of distance learning. In order to meet our obligation to students within this scenario, we did our best to put the necessary technology into the hands of students who need assistance accessing online curriculums.  

We already have a stockpile of Chromebooks that we regularly lend to students. But we definitely needed a bigger fleet so we could replace old machines and circulate machines to more students during the health crisis. Cyanco was gracious enough to help us purchase 51 new Chromebooks, which will have a profound and positive effect in the coming school year.

Does the HCSD serve a large population of at-need kids?

DJ: Over 40% of our students are eligible for free and reduced lunches. With a large concentration of low-income students, almost every school in the County is Title 1, and receives supplemental federal funds to assist in meeting students’ educational goals.   Poverty has a big impact here. About 10% of our families don’t have Internet access or are reliant on cell phones for Internet. That equates to almost 350 students that don’t have the ability to access equitable curriculum. Providing the necessary technology and access to broadband Internet helps to even the playing field for every child. Cyanco’s donation is one very positive step in putting a system in the hands of all our students.

How has the school district benefited from the region’s mining industry?  

DJ: The support of the mines is critical to the school district. Because gold typically strengthens during economic slowdowns, our revenue streams have remained stable – especially compared to other districts without mining. Organizations like the Nevada Mining Association, of which Cyanco is a member, also help by sponsoring a number of activities such as our Year-End Academic Assembly and our Staff Recognition Banquet.  

As Nevada continues to experience the downward financial pressure of COVID-19, it is forced to significantly adjust school budgets across the state. We are very fortunate and grateful to have something of a financial buffer to mitigate the coming cuts due to the generosity of the local mining industry – very much including Cyanco. Your donation came at an unprecedented time, when we really needed it. The staff, administration and students of the Humboldt County School District thank you! 

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