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Counting the Days, Counting the Ways

In 1990 Alta Gold and MSI Group merged to create Cyanco, a company anchored by a single manufacturing line in Winnemucca, Nevada. At that time, Nevada’s gold and silver mining sector was on a steep growth curve, and Cyanco’s founders saw an opportunity to serve those mines with a new solution and unparalleled service.

That “solution” was literally a solution – Cyanco’s critical mining reagent, delivered in a ready-to-use liquid form, off-loaded directly from tanker trucks into customers’ mine storage tanks.

While Cyanco’s original model was exclusively based on tank-to-tank delivery of solution product, the company has since grown into the world’s largest sodium cyanide supplier, at over four times its initial size.

After three decades of partnership, Cyanco is still going strong thanks to its customers.

Now serving a diversity of mines across the globe, Cyanco offers sodium cyanide in both solid and solution form, alongside a variety of shipment options and technology solutions.

Over the years, Cyanco has expanded to operate five independent production lines in two locations, including its original Nevada plant, which has since become a state-of-the-art, zero discharge facility, capable of producing both solution and solid product. Founded in 2012, the company’s second plant is located outside of Houston, Texas, producing solid sodium cyanide exclusively.

According to CEO, Michael Lefenfeld, “We thank the industry for its loyalty and support over the years – especially throughout such a challenging time as 2020. We’ve been proud to continue serving our customers, as well as joining them in COVID-19 relief efforts to help support our local communities. We will continue those efforts into the holidays by donating to local food banks in our hub locations. On behalf of Cyanco, its customers and industry partners, Christmas food baskets will be delivered in the western United States, Canada and Mexico to those hit hardest by the virus. It’s a great way to celebrate 30 successful years – and to wish our customers and communities a happy, healthy holiday season!”

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