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Cyanco Announces New Analyzer Technology

Company invests in new ways to optimize and detoxify sodium cyanide

Houston, Texas February 29, 2023 – Cyanco, the world’s largest producer of sodium cyanide, is pleased to announce it is expanding its portfolio of Cyanide Control Systems (CCS®) with a new colorimetric technology.

For over three decades, Cyanco has offered its customers potentiometric technology to analyze “free cyanide” (CNFREE) within the gold and silver leaching process – and other technologies that detect “weak acid dissociable cyanide” (CNWAD) for analysis and control at detoxification.

The company recently invested to expand its analyzer portfolio, providing additional options for mine customers, with improved speed and accuracy.

“At Cyanco, we’re always looking at new ways to meet our customers’ evolving needs,” said Roy Norcross, Director of Applied Technology.

“While precious metal mining is a mature category, it is continually evolving and growing – especially now, as mining becomes ever more critical to global electrification efforts and the overall ‘Circular Economy.’ Just as important as these metals and minerals are to our future, so too is the way they‘re extracted and processed.

Our company strives to help mines around the world optimize their materials use while lixiviating precious metal from ore – as well as reduce waste at the back end with effective detoxification solutions. Now we’re investing in another analyzer technology targeting more complex ores, which will give our customers one more option for analysis of their cyanide circuit, depending on the specific makeup of their ore,” he added.

According to Norcross, the new colorimetric technology has moved into field testing and is expected to be available in the near future.

“We really like what we see so far,” he said. “The colorimetric technology is proving to be quite effective at eliminating common interferences from the reading, such as copper cyanide and thiocyanide. This reduces the amount of ‘noise’ in the analysis, helping to deliver rapid, accurate results.”

The new colorimetric option is expected to add value to mines dealing with high levels of CNFREE interference from sulfide and cyanide soluble metal complexes, said Norcross.  These same interferences will also affect CNWAD values, so the new technology should also be well suited to detoxification of this type of ore.

“When it comes to gold and silver, a lot of the ‘low-hanging fruit’ has already been mined,” he added in summary. “That means a lot of what’s left is mixed with a larger percentage of other metals and materials. Our goal in providing this additional technology is to make extraction easier in different mining environments, while also helping to identify the economic practicalities of extracting copper, for example. As such, it is highly desirable for potential copper/gold operations.

As many of the bigger gold and silver miners become increasingly diverse, Cyanco’s responsibility as a supplier, is to enable their growth with products, equipment and technology that provide the safest, most efficient and sustainable path to growth.”

Find out more about Cyanco’s cyanide analyzer technology here …or visit us at the upcoming MINEXCHANGE booth 813 and PDAC booth 7017N   


About Cyanco:

Headquartered in Sugar Land, Texas, Cyanco is a leading global producer of sodium cyanide. With manufacturing facilities in Nevada and Texas, Cyanco serves customers throughout North America, Latin America and Africa. Cyanco’s Applied Technology division also provides technical consulting services, laboratory support, and cyanide processing and detox technologies to help mines optimize their metal recovery. Cyanco prides itself on its commitment to safety. It is one of the original signatories to the International Cyanide Management Code (ICMC) and is represented on the Industry Advisory Group to the International Cyanide Management Institute. All of Cyanco’s facilities are ICMC certified. www.cyanco.com


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