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Cyanco CEO, Michael Lefenfeld, Looks Ahead to 2021

With 2021 in full swing, Cyanco is looking forward to a year filled with strong partnerships, record production and mutual prosperity.

Like every supplier across the globe, Cyanco was challenged by the pandemic and we fought to keep our employees safe, while continuing to serve our customers. We’re proud to say that despite last year’s headwinds, we never missed an order or failed to provide technical services wherever, whenever needed. We even thrived in some areas, making progress on several continuous improvement initiatives and adding value to our customers across the globe.

Now, as we continue into 2021, we are working every day to strength our partnerships and communications with customers. Our goal is to offer each customer access to technologies and services that improve their operational efficiency and reduce their environmental impacts. That means you’ll hear from Cyanco more often on topics that help you improve safety, reduce waste and lower the overall cost of ownership at your mine – just to name a few. We will also roll out new services, like our automated tank monitoring technology, to help you monitor tank levels and improve forecast and delivery planning.

We will also extend our reach into new geographies and expand our ability to serve both existing and new customers. In 2020, we increased our Solids capacity at our Nevada facility and we reorganized our Nevada Solutions team for the safest and most efficient performance. As we progress on our 2021 journey, we will continue to improve our Operations, Logistics and Services with a Six Sigma mentality and an unswerving focus on safety.

At the end of the day, Cyanco exists to serve you, our customers. Every decision we make and every outcome we measure is based on how well it serves you. After 30 years in the industry, we’re looking forward to another year of partnership with our customers, delivering more quality product than ever, providing a broader set of world-class services, and creating more opportunities for a successful 2021.


Best wishes.

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