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Cyanco Cyanide Safety Training

As COVID continues to affect our industry – and the world at large – Cyanco wants to remind its valued customers that our safety specialists are always available for on-site, in-person cyanide training.

For more than 30 years, ensuring your mine’s safe handling of cyanide has been part of Cyanco’s foundational service to you. Today, we continue to visit customer sites to provide safety training for mine personnel and train local first responders, hospital personnel and municipal authorities on implementing the safety, emergency response and handling protocols to keep everyone safe at the mine and within the surrounding communities.

Please contact us at safetytraining@cyanco.com if you’re interested in scheduling a Cyanco Safety Training event, a Cyanide Circuit Audit ahead of an ICMI recertification audit or a Cyanide Assessment Package (please see details below for the latter two offerings).

Cyanco will also be holding its annual Train the Trainer educational safety program June 2022. This event provides the materials and knowledge that mine safety and operating personnel need to train their own people on site. Watch for more details on this important event!

  • Cyanide Circuit Audit: These surveys represent our commitment to product stewardship and the supporting tenets of the International Cyanide Management Institute by ensuring cyanide is being handled properly and best-in-class safety standards are in place.  
  • Cyanide Assessment Package: Cyanco’s Cyanide Assessment Package helps mines track information related to the use and application of cyanide. We evaluate the product flow from the time it enters the gate, through leaching and detoxification, making operational and safety recommendations all along the way.

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