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Meet the latest Cyanco Stars

Cyanco’s most important asset is its people – and we believe in regularly recognizing their great work! Check out two of Cyanco’s ‘Stars,’ who are making tremendous contributions to our company – and customers – every day.


CYANCO STAR: Tawnya Plascencia, Accounting, Winnemucca

Professional History: “I have lived in Nevada for most of my life and have a long history in mining. My parents were both miners. My husband works at a local mine (one of Cyanco’s customers), and I worked in a mineral testing lab for seven years before coming to Cyanco in 2014. My first role at Cyanco was working on customer invoicing and customer relations. I moved into an accounting assistant role in Accounts Receivable and grew from there by taking on many different challenges. It keeps me busy!”    

Teamwork as a Value: “Teamwork is what it takes to run a business, and Cyanco people are great team players. From my perspective, it all starts with a positive attitude. Some days are more stressful than others, but you always have to be approachable and patient. If you act as a team player, others will do the same for you. The Accounting Team is a perfect example of this. Everyone has respect for one another and is open in their communications. Because of this team dynamic, we’ve accomplished so much this year – despite everyone working remotely. It’s really been amazing to see.”

Favorite Thing About Working at Cyanco: “Cyanco is a very family-oriented company, and that’s important to me. If you need to take care of something personal, like an appointment with the pediatrician or running an errand for a family member, it’s never an issue. I have nothing bad to say. It’s a good company, with good people, and I see myself making a long career here.


CYANCO STAR: Jillian Carmichael, Commercial Manager

Day-to-Day Responsibilities: “I work on company-wide demand planning. That means I spend a lot of time with Supply Chain and Logistics doing short- and long-term forecasting.”

Trust as a Value: “From a customer perspective, Cyanco has very long-standing relationships, largely built on trust. With sodium cyanide being such a critical commodity to the mining process, they don’t want to worry about supply. Cyanco’s ability to manage tank levels and automatically schedule deliveries as needed, enhances customer trust. Customers believe in Cyanco as the industry’s most reliable supplier.

From an internal standpoint, establishing trust across all business functions (like Supply Chain, Finance, Customer Service, Business Intelligence and Applied Technology) is core to the success of the Commercial Team. These groups provide us with early customer engagement, credit risk reviews, agility to meet customer demand changes, technical assistance at the mine site…you name it…basically everything that supports our customer relationships.

The Commercial Team itself is a very close-knit group. We trust each other to be responsive and share reliable data. Because of the internal level of confidence in everyone’s ability to execute, we didn’t miss a single customer shipment in 2020 – despite COVID – and actually improved customer relationships.”

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