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Cyanco’s Total System Assessment Project

Cyanco worked with a number of customers to complete a complimentary Total System Assessment to improve their cyanide circuit. The goal was to complete a comprehensive process survey (from ore processing through mineral extraction and detox, if appropriate) and identify potential continuous improvement projects that will increase operating efficiencies, reduce costs and/or improve gold or silver extraction.

The participating mines were reviewed by industry experts and compared to industry best practices to develop a comprehensive list of continuous improvement projects that can improve production cost, capacity and efficiency. Areas explored include:

  • General information (production rate, run rates, ore characteristics)
  • Documentation (production data, test work and procedures)
  • Cyanide (safety, handling and use)
  • Equipment (crushing, grinding, leaching, ADR, detox, etc.)
  • Controls, analysis and reagents

The deliverables for this project were comprehensive reports delivered to each participating customer. The reports presented a list of potential Continuous Improvement Projects that the customer could work with Cyanco to implement in the months and years ahead.

Client Example 1:

  • Focus areas: Crusher, Grinding, Gravity Recovery, Leaching, Elution, Detoxification, and Health & Safety

Client Example 2:

  • Focus areas: Crusher, Truck Loading, Pad Stacking, Pad Irrigation, Recovery Plant, and Health & Safety

Cyanco’s experts have over 80 years of hands-on mining and chemicals experience with proven results driving continuous improvement projects leading to quantifiable savings for our customers. The CI team on this project included Cyanco’s industry and technical professionals, experts in heap leaches and milling, safety experts and others.

Said Roy Norcross, Cyanco’s Director of Applied Technology, “We were excited to dedicate such experienced and talented professionals to these Total Systems Assessments and believe the reports we delivered to each customer present valuable roadmaps for continuous improvement efforts. We would be delighted to provide additional customers with Assessments and to work with them on new continuous improvement projects that will enable the achievement of target efficiencies and cost savings.”

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