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Economic Development in Rural Nevada

In Northern Nevada, the mining industry, including Cyanco, takes an active role in supporting the region’s economy. The mines and their suppliers provide many local jobs, as well as support for the schools, hospitals and small businesses in the surrounding communities. Cyanco had a chance to catch up with Jan Morrison, the Economic Development Officer for Humboldt County and the Humboldt Development Authority, to find out more about the US-95 I-80 Region’s economic development goals: 

How is this Region – and the businesses located here – unique?
This is a rural area, traditionally known as a gold mining district. In recent years, we’ve seen some diversification in our commercial make-up, with the addition of a salmon farm and a processing facility for lithium, but our economy is still largely based on mining. What we’d like to see is more suppliers locating here in service to the industry, creating new jobs and a shorter supply chain for the mines. Cyanco is a great example of that! It’s an important business that supports all our local mines, while being an employer of choice for many people who reside here.

What’s one of the Region’s biggest challenges?
Similar to every other region in the U.S., our biggest challenge is housing. We have a phenomenal jobs market here. The mines and suppliers, especially, provide very high salaries as compared to the average income in other areas. That said, our real estate market is very tight, which makes it hard for prospective new employees/residents to find a place to live. It’s one of the Region’s most critical initiatives to support local businesses by creating more market-rate, nice apartments to help attract and keep new hires. I’m happy to say that our home-building sector is going very well, and we’re in talks with two different apartment builders right now!

What are some of the Region’s most valuable assets?
We’re lucky to have Great Basin College located in Elko. The school offers Bachelor and Associate-level degrees, along with certificate programs providing specific job skills.

We also benefit from the mines, which strongly invest in the local schools through scholarships and apprenticeships. You can find mine representatives in the classroom all the time, encouraging the kids in high school to consider careers locally.

These same businesses go above and beyond to support their communities, and are heavily invested in our healthcare system, including Humboldt County General Hospital and the Family Support Center in Winnemucca, which provides mental health and wellness services. It’s really a never-ending list of organizations and activities the mines support, which helps to make this a great place to live.

What’s your five-year vision for the Region?
In five years, I see a stronger, more vibrant and diverse community. I’m confident we will have our housing issues resolved by then, with two-three new apartment complexes coming online. I’d also like to see an expansion at Great Basin College, with new buildings and course offerings added to the mix. Improvements to regional broadband coverage is critical (the pandemic has certainly exposed that), along with reestablishing childcare services post-COVID. We’re also working hard on several big plans, like a local aquatic center, which will allow the high school to hold swim meets again, and a $15 million improvement project at the hospital.

How does the Region view Cyanco?
This Region loves Cyanco! You’re a fabulous neighbor, a great employer and a solid, responsible member of the community. At the same time, we know Cyanco holds itself to very high standards and is doing all the right things to keep everyone at the plant and within the community safe. Thank you, Cyanco!

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