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I-80 Fund

Nevada Gold Mines (NGM) recently announced the launch of the I-80 Fund to support small businesses that have been impacted by COVID-19. Through this new fund, relief and recovery loans will be available to eligible businesses located along Nevada’s highway I-80 corridor, including businesses in Elko, Lander, Humboldt and Eureka counties. NGM provided an initial investment of $5 million to establish the fund.

Cyanco is proud to be NGM’s first industry partner on this important initiative. By contributing to the I-80 Fund, Cyanco will be part of a cohesive industry effort to help our Humboldt County community overcome the current crisis, while simultaneously helping to strengthen businesses in Northern Nevada into the future.

The I-80 Fund will focus its first 6-12 months on relief and recovery efforts. Once this need is met, the fund will transition over to small business development loans that help stimulate economic growth in Northern Nevada. The Fund will be managed by the Rural Nevada Development Corporation and a local advisory committee will make recommendations on loan applications.

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