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Impressions from MINExpo

HUGE Komatsu Shovel at MINExpo

The 2021 MINExpo® show took place this month in Las Vegas, promising showgoers they would find new ways to reduce cost, improve safety and increase productivity and efficiency.  

As advertised, the event was jam-packed with valuable information and views from opinion-leaders, alongside the latest and greatest mining equipment and technology advances on display. Hear from Cyanco’s Commercial Team on their key take-aways from the show:

Bill Clark, Vice President Global Sales & Marketing: “Despite COVID travel restrictions, there were hundreds of companies from around the world in

attendance at MINExpo 2021. The three primary areas of focus for this year’s show were: Mining Automation, Electrification and Digital Transformation.

AUTOMATION: Mining leaders talked about how automation has greatly benefited the industry, but how data analytics needs to catch up to enable true efficiencies and next-generation forecasting, which will help up-level global supply chains everywhere.

At Cyanco, we’re extremely focused on both automation and data analytics, which are behind several of our recent improvements such as Automated Demand Sensing and Planning for mine site tank monitoring. Comprised of on-site tank telemetry sensors and new software implemented on the Cyanco side, this automated data feed – alongside optimized GPS throughout our fleet – has helped Cyanco with more efficient dispatching. This in turn keeps product tanks full at all times, making sodium cyanide supply more worry-free than ever for our customers.

ELECTRIFICATION: There was also a lot of dialog around the raw materials supply (e.g. lithium, graphite, cobalt and manganese) needed to support the future of sustainable energy, and how the mining sector will play a part. It’s exciting to see how critical, new market needs are creating opportunities in a mature category such as mining.

DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION: The pace of digitization within the mining industry (the adoption of software, cloud, AI and related digital transformation technologies) is certainly accelerating – and proving to be the key to sustainable, future growth. To that point, a number of the equipment manufacturers in attendance had the future on display with remote and fully autonomous mining vehicles. The scope and scale of these advances, albeit in their early stages, is truly astonishing.

So, we experienced a lot that was forward looking at the show. At the same time, we received consistent real-time feedback on the state of the industry today, with miners continuing to feel the impact of COVID around the world.

This includes global supply chain challenges that have created shortages for critical materials and equipment. Speaking for Cyanco, our own logistics team is working hard to overcome supply chain disruptions (for example driver shortages and limited port and vessel availability). Kudos to them for continuing to deliver product reliably to our customers, no matter what obstacles they’ve had to face.

Raw material inflation has also increased the cost for key input chemicals, so miners are asking for creative solutions to control costs in collaboration with suppliers like Cyanco. In order to navigate the current environment, we all have to work together, from transportation vendors and chemical suppliers to manufacturers and their mining customers. One way Cyanco is trying to help is by offering a variety of different packaging options – made of different materials – to best suit customer needs and help reduce their carbon footprint.”

Cyanco team atop a Cat 794 Haultruck

Steve Cochrane, USA Sales Manager: “From my perspective, one of the most interesting topics was the changing face of the mining industry with regards to today’s workforce and next-generation employees. This ties to how companies are using technology to recruit and train their people, as well as providing the best working environment possible in order to retain them.

As ‘Baby Boomers’ continue to leave the workforce, it is critical for the mining sector to preserve industrial knowledge, fill employment gaps and ensure solid business models for the future. This very much includes diversity and inclusion, especially in leadership.

On top of all that, I also brought my young grandson to the show (virtually via FaceTime) to look at all the giant trucks, shovels, drills and draglines! His jaw dropped!”

Leo Martinez, Sales Manager, Latin America “After the last year and a half of COVID restrictions, it was great to get back to MINExpo. As always, the show provided a forum for the global mining community to get together, network and experience the newest technologies that will lead us all into the future.

Our team had the opportunity to connect with customers, partners and vendors. What we heard overall was that despite some of the current challenges, the future of the gold mining industry remains bright. Gold prices have stayed relatively strong enabling miners to increase their exploration spend, so new projects are progressing. Combining all that opportunity with cutting-edge technology and innovation creates a very optimistic view of the future!”

Gregg Zoccola, (Account Executive): “To me, Cyanco has a very similar mission to that of MINExpo, in that we strive to serve our customers with the safest practices, in combination with our unique Applied Technology services to help lower and maintain their total cost of ownership.

It is an exciting time to be part of this industry AND this company. At Cyanco, we’re integrating new technologies and processes all the time, so the value we are able to offer our mining customers continues to expand. We see ourselves as partners to our customers, so our relationship does not end when they receive their shipment. We are here to help with everything, including safety training, enhanced analyzers for cyanide use and detoxification of effluents and tailings – with more products and services yet to come!”

For more information on Cyanco’s portfolio of Applied Technology offerings, please visit: https://cyanco.com/technical-services-systems/

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