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Improved Packaging for Solid Sodium Cyanide

Cyanco is excited to announce a significant upgrade to its wooden boxes that will save our Solids customers time and money, improve the safety of their box-handling, and reduce product damage in transit.

In our continuous efforts to improve the safety and quality of our shipments, we have taken the following steps to improve our box packaging and make the flexible interior containment more resilient:

  • Added a 2×4” brace under the lid of the box, reinforcing the structure of the side panels and box frame. This prevents the panels from moving during transport.
  • Upgraded the plywood used in the construction of the box, boosting its ability to stand up to the rigors of shipping. We are also now using spiral shank nails for better holding strength.Best news for Cyanco customers: the new Flexible Intermediate
  • Bulk Container (FIBC) has been improved to include an internal, heat-tolerant liner. This is located on the inside of the heavier, woven FIBC bag to mitigate the possibility of the more-sensitive liner being punctured during transport. Customers will no longer need to manually open the plastic liner to get to the lifting straps. Instead, they can remove the lid, pull the outer bag right out of the box, and drop the combined flexible package onto a bag splitter, saving time, money and improving safety.

This packaging transition will take place between now and year-end. In the interim, customers may still see some shipments that incorporate the traditional package or split shipments of both kinds of packaging. To learn more, please watch the video showcasing the packaging differences that customers will start seeing soon.

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