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National Safety Month

June 2021 marks the 25th anniversary of America’s National Safety Month (NSM), which was originally designated in 1996 by the National Safety Council as a way to reduce the number of workplace injuries and deaths in the U.S. by creating awareness around key safety issues.

The program has since expanded its scope to saving lives and preventing injuries on the road and in the home (in addition to the workplace) through training and education.

This year, the National Safety Council is offering tools and resources on the following topics to help employers improve their safety knowledge, as well as to help drive employee awareness and engagement:

  • Preventing Incidents Before They Start. Identify risks and take proactive safety measures to reduce hazard exposure in the workplace.https://www.ehs.com/nationalsafetymonth
  • Addressing Ongoing COVID-19 Safety Concerns. As the pandemic continues, employers play an important role in expanding operations and returning remote workers to physical workspaces, building trust around vaccines, supporting mental health and more.https://www.ehs.com/nationalsafetymonth/#week2
  • Feeling Safe on the Job. Being safe at work without fear of retaliation is necessary for an inclusive safety culture. Leading organizations focus on physical safety and psychological safety.https://www.ehs.com/nationalsafetymonth/#week3
  • Advancing the Safety Journey. Safety is about continuous improvement. Learn how to improve safety at the individual level, as well as to improve overall safety across the enterprise. https://www.ehs.com/nationalsafetymonth/#week4
  • In addition to these resources, Cyanco will be posting a series of articles on ways to improve safety at your site, starting tomorrow with a run-down of statistics on U.S. workplace injuries and fatalities over the last five years.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in finding out more about Cyanco’s safety programs, please visit our Safety and Sustainability page for more information on safe and efficient sodium cyanide handling practices that are in line with best practices and today’s regulations. Cyanco also offers safety training – both virtual and in-person at your mine site – as well as assistance in gaining International Cyanide Management Code (ICMC) certification.

As a founding member and signatory of the ICMC, Cyanco helps our mine customers obtain and maintain their ICMC certification. Start the process now by requesting an ICMC Gap Analysis and find out more about any steps you may need to take in order to ensure the highest safety standards for your employees, your communities and the environment.

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