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Recognizing Your Safety Heroes

When adversity arises, heroes appear. Not the kind of heroes that wear capes, but heroes that wear PPE, uniforms, badges and stethoscopes. 2021 has been designated ‘The Year of the Safety Hero,’ by the National Safety Council, and with National Safety Month (June) coming to a close, Cyanco encourages everyone to recognize these everyday heroes – otherwise known as your local Emergency Medical Service (EMS) providers.

Every day, EMS providers put themselves on the line to save lives and deliver hope to families and communities in crisis.  With selflessness, professionalism, and grace under fire, they provide essential care — never more so than during our battle with COVID-19 over the past 18 months. Not only did they assume the heightened risks associated with emergency care during a pandemic, but they also spent countless hours away from families and friends in order to serve their communities.

According to National Safety Council President and CEO, Lorraine M. Martin, “You’ve stepped up to lead and serve others amid unimaginable circumstances. You’ve faced a once-in-a-century pandemic with courage and dedication, confronting each challenge head on. Traditional safety risks never paused during this time and neither did you.

It’s time to recognize the vital role that safety professionals play every day in every industry. Safety pros are the nation’s secret weapon in the fight to save lives,” said Martin.

NSC is calling for people to recognize their safety hero throughout the year on social media with the hashtag #SafetyHero.

At Cyanco, we extend our deepest gratitude to all EMS providers – especially to our small, but mighty, team of 10 Cyanco emergency responders who continue to go above and beyond to safeguard our people and facilities. On behalf of everyone at Cyanco, we thank them for:

  • Dedicating time to complete training courses and participate in hands-on skill work and drills 
  • Being a calm voice and guiding light in any emergency 
  • Going into the danger zone when everyone else is evacuating 
  • Assisting their fellow employees – especially in life-or-death situations

You are truly our heroes! Your bravery, skill and dedication are so appreciated!

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