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A solid new cyanide solution for Africa

HOUSTON – Jan 2, 2014 – Cyanco, the largest global producer of sodium cyanide with a total capacity of 148,000 metric tons, is pleased to announce its strategic new partnership for Africa with Nowata Limited a Metallurgical Consultancy and Mining Reagent Supplier, a distributor with a 30-year history of delivering cyanide across the continent.

Focusing primarily on extractive gold metallurgy, Nowata manages a team of chemists and metallurgists and offersa unique service combining technical expertise with tailored reagent supply packages.

Sodium cyanide is at the core of the Nowata supply philosophy, which embraces all aspects of the extraction process from primary grinding through to final waste disposal and importantly cyanide destruction technologies, essential for the protection of the environment. As an ICMC-certified producer, Cyanco’s Applied Technology division provides consulting services, laboratory support, cyanide control systems, and cyanide detoxification technology to assist customers throughout the lifecycle of its products.

Cyanco announcement of the commissioning of their new solid sodium cyanide plant near Houston, Texas brings significant additional capacity to the world market. Cyanco’s proximity to the Port of Houston, which is consistently ranked first in United States waterborne import and export tonnage, provides good access and short sailing times to western and southern Africa. East Africa African Ports are accessed easily with by Transhipment.

There are clear synergies in the Cyanco / Nowata venture which will combine to provide the African continent’s gold industry with practical and cost effective reagent supply solutions.

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