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Suppliers of Choice in the Circular Economy

By Hartono Wijaya, Sr. VP of Business Development and Strategy

The world is pivoting to the next phase of our global economy – the Circular Economy – with a focus on decarbonization and the preservation of resources.

As we pivot, critical minerals and metals will be crucial to humankind’s success in everything from clean energy production and storage to full implementation of the Internet of Things and ‘smart living.’

As it relates to precious metal mining, many of the technical innovations required to power the Circular Economy will need materials such as gold, silver and copper for their conductive properties in semiconductors, touchscreens and the next generation of electronics. Just as important as these metals are to our future, so too is the way they‘re extracted and processed.

More than ever, the extraction of silver and gold needs a reliable and safe supply of sodium cyanide for lixiviation. As the largest supplier of sodium cyanide in the world today, Cyanco is the natural partner for precious metal miners across the globe.

For nearly 35 years, Cyanco has taken a full lifecycle view of its products: from ICMC-certified manufacturing and delivery to safe use and handling at the mine site. We also provide safety training, services and equipment to help optimize cyanide use, and detoxification technology…essentially everything our customers need to achieve a lower cost of ownership, while building a safe and sustainable path to the future.

Through our Applied Technology Group, staffed with chemists, engineers, metallurgists and Environmental, Health, Safety & Sustainability (EHSS) professionals, we offer the most advanced support at every stage of the cyanide value chain. Cyanco’s team of experts can help mines:

  • Minimize hazardous waste
  • Reduce operating CapEx and detox costs
  • Put best practices in place for employee safety
  • Stay on production schedule
  • Earn ICMC certification
  • Connect positively with their communities

The stakes are only getting higher in mining. Choosing the right partners and strategic suppliers will help carry mines into the Circular Economy of the future, with its focus on eliminating waste and pollution, optimizing the use of materials and regenerating natural systems. The time is now to Mine On – and Cyanco can help you do that!

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