Liquid Sodium Cyanide

Cyanco ships liquid sodium cyanide in a 30% aqueous solution from our plant in Winnemucca, Nevada and our terminal in Cadillac, Quebec.

Designed with Purpose

Cyanco is the leading manufacturer of liquid sodium cyanide in North America. Located in Winnemucca, Nevada, the plant was constructed for the sole purpose of providing this strategic chemical to the mining industry in northern Nevada. Cyanide is a unique chemical compound used to manufacture hundreds of everyday goods, and chances are that today you will use many products that included cyanide in its manufacture (by redmond). These products may include vitamins, jewelry, adhesives, computer electronics, fire retardants, airplane brakes, cosmetics, dyes, nylon, nail polish remover, paints, pharmaceuticals, Plexiglas, rocket propellant, and table salt.

Cyanco focuses on making liquid sodium cyanide just for the gold mining industry where its properties and ease of use make it the premiere choice for extracting gold.

Solid Sodium Cyanide

Sodium Cyanide briquettes (98% ± 1%) are primarily used by the mining industry. The briquettes are white and resemble charcoal briquettes in form. Concentrated cyanide is toxic and the briquettes will release hydrogen cyanide gas if they come in contact with acids or low pH water. Solid forms of cyanide can be transported over longer distances due to the higher concentration of the product.

Convenience in a Package

Sodium cyanide is available from Cyanco in briquette form. The product is packaged in hopper cars, ISO containers (Solid to Liquid Systems – SLS), one metric ton bag/boxes and one metric ton composite packaging. The ISO containers are designed so that the cyanide can be dissolved at the customer site into their storage tank. This returnable form of packaging means no disposal of bags and boxes, minimal handling and sets the highest safety and environmental standards.