Safety & Sustainabilty

From our door to yours, we ensure that every precaution is taken
to safely produce, package and deliver our products

  • Safety & Sustainability

Improving Sustainability Reduces Risk and Improves Your Bottom Line

With Cyanco’s unique combination of products and technical services, you can build a more sustainable path to the future by improving your mine’s safety performance, cutting consumption, ensuring regulatory compliance and reducing waste.

So before you build a mine – or expand one – let Cyanco help you create an environmentally-responsible safety strategy, anchored in operational best practices.

Find out why so many mines today rely on Cyanco to help:

Optimize and reduce cyanide use

Detoxify residual cyanide

Eliminate packaging waste

Train mine employees on proper cyanide handling and emergency response protocols

Tap into decades of industry experience about cyanide regulations, best practices and compliance


With a high level of responsibility and accountability, mining companies and their suppliers are becoming ever more focused on sustainability strategies to carry them successfully into the future. Cyanco can help you implement more sustainable solutions

View our Safety Data Sheets to learn more about Cyanco's Products & Systems

View our Safety Data Sheets to learn more about Cyanco's Products & Systems

  • Operational Best Practices

Operational Best Practices

We take a full lifecycle view of our products: from manufacturing through delivery, use and detox

Use Less Sodium Cyanide

Use Less Sodium Cyanide

We work with our customers to optimize their use of sodium cyanide, so less is needed within their operations.

Waste Remediation & Disposal

Waste Remediation & Disposal

Cyanco offers several proprietary technologies to detoxify and dispose of residual sodium cyanide, helping customers maintain safe and compliant operations.

Packaging and Handling

Packaging and Handling

Cyanco uses either tank deliveries or returnable packaging to eliminate costs. We also continue to improve our packaging footprint, with new, lighter box crates, with biodegradable, recycled materials currently in testing.

Safety and Emergency Response Training

Safety and Emergency Response Training

Cyanco ensures that each mine employee understands proper handling of our product and emergency response protocols.

Compliance and Certification

Compliance and Certification

Tap into decades of knowledge of applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards with the Cyanco experts who can provide guidance to help keep your operations compliant.

EHSS Best Practices

EHSS Best Practices

Cyanco strictly updates its EHSS policy at least annually to ensure it continues to represent Cyanco’s commitment to the highest safety standards.

Training is Part of Our Commitment to Safety

To help you implement safe and efficient handling practices that are in line with best practices and today’s regulations, Cyanco can provide virtual training or in-person training at your mine site. Our trainers will help you ensure that each employee understands proper product handling and emergency response protocols.

  • Cyanide Assessment Package

    Cyanco’s Cyanide Assessment Package helps mines track information related to the use and application of cyanide. We evaluate the product flow from the time it enters the gate, through leaching and detoxification, making operational and safety recommendations all along the way.

  • Comprehensive Site Survey

    These surveys represent our commitment to product stewardship and the supporting tenets of the International Cyanide Management Institute by ensuring cyanide is being handled properly and best-in-class safety standards are in place.

  • Train the Trainer

    Cyanco offers an annual Train-the-Trainers session at our production facilities in Nevada. Mine safety and operating personnel are invited to take advantage of our cyanide safety and emergency response training sessions. When complete, your mine trainers will take home current cyanide safety training materials to share with their teams.

  • Emergency Response Planning

    In addition to providing safety training for mine personnel, Cyanco also trains local first responders, hospital personnel and municipal authorities to be sure that local communities also understand and implement the safety and handling protocols that are used at the mine.