Cyanide Control System: Cyanide Leaching, Monitoring & Control

Cyanco’s cyanide control and dosing equipment analyzes free cyanide without interference from other cyanide complexes. The Leaching, Monitoring and Control section of Cyanco’s CCS includes:

  • Filtration Unit that produces a continuous flow of solid-free leach solution. Designed to prevent solids accumulation in the filter, this equipment requires only periodic cleaning to remove salt residues.
  • Online Analyzer/Control that provides periodic cyanide analysis using an automatically-controlled silver nitrate titration with potentiometric endpoint indication.


Output signal (analog/digital/Ethernet) controls cyanide addition to closely reflect set point desired

Control unit signal operates virtually any controllable valve through the DCS or PLC

Provides up to 6-8 analyses per hour

Can be designed to handle up to four separate streams

Designed specifically for each mine site

Meets UL and ULC specifications


Customer Benefits:

Accuracy: Delivers a degree of accuracy not found with manual titration.

Cost Savings: Reduces cyanide fluctuations to prevent overdosing and gold/silver losses caused by low cyanide concentrations in the leach.

Process Efficiency: Eliminates downtime due to unanticipated product shortages.

Cyanco’s CCS Cyanide Control Systems:
Detoxification, Monitor and Control

Measuring, Monitoring and Controlling CNWAD levels in cyanide-containing effluents:

Cyanco’s analytical system not only records CNWAD* concentration in a treatment circuit, but also allows for control of the addition of reagents required for cyanide detoxification in these effluents. This helps to tightly manage reagent consumption, thereby reducing treatment costs by avoiding overdosing. The Detoxification, Monitoring and Control section of Cyanco’s CCS Cyanide Control Systems consists of:

  • Operator interface and data processing
  • Sample analyzer, including pumps for adding reagents and a probe for potentiometric titration
  • Sample pump and reservoir, which provides the clear sample used for the analysis
  • Filter assembly, which sits in the slurry tank

*Cyanide ion CN, and the cyanide complexes of Cu, Ni, Zn, Cd and Ag among other species that collectively are referred to as Weak Acid Dissociable Cyanide (CNWAD)


Output signal can be analog/digital or Ethernet (TCP/IP) and be used to control cyanide addition to closely reflect set point desired

Signal from the control unit can be used to operate virtually any controllable valve through the mill’s control system (DCS or PLC)

Each unit custom designed to fit each customer’s specific application

Training of personnel conducted at time of installation, with refresher training available

Customer Benefits:

Accuracy: Periodic WAD cyanide analysis produces a degree of accuracy not found with manual processes.

Cost Savings: Rigorously monitored and controlled reagent consumption reduces treatment costs and prevents overdosing.

Process Efficiency: Precise analysis of CNWAD in effluent samples before and after treatment ensures accuracy. Repeatable results produced rapidly to save time and money.

Flexibility: Also can be used with included filtration system on slurry samples.

Compliance: Monitoring the effluent treatment circuit ensures compliance with treatment regulations such as the International Cyanide Management Code.

Automation: System minimizes the need for manual sample analysis, reducing turn-around times and employee costs, which contributes to further savings.

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