Solid-to-Liquid System

Cyanco’s Solid to Liquid Systems (SLS) allow for easy transport and use of solid sodium cyanide, while eliminating the physical handling of cyanide by mine personnel

How It Works

Water is circulated from the dissolution tank through a connected ISO unit until it reaches the desired concentration of cyanide solution. The SLS skid controls both the dissolution of the solid cyanide at the desired concentration as well as the transfer of that solution to the mine’s storage facility for use in the process.


System are designed can be operated locally or be remotely monitored

System can be combined with a Cyanco cyanide distribution skid and control system analyzer for additional cyanide control

Each unit is adapted to your infrastructure and site configuration


Customer Benefits

Ease of Use: Enjoy the advantages of solid product transportation with an easy-to-use cyanide solution

Worry-Free Delivery: ISO containers are fully compliant with international transport regulations.

Safety: Eliminates the physical handling of sodium cyanide by mine personnel.

Waste reduction: Eliminates the need for package disposal, as ISOs are returned and re-used.

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