Roy Norcross

Roy Norcross was hired by Degussa in 1986 to help establish an applications laboratory to promote the use of Degussa’s products in the mining industry. Mr. Norcross has held various positions within Degussa’s Industrial Chemicals group. He accepted the position of Global Technology Manager in 2003 when Degussa carved out its mining chemicals group and established CyPlus as a wholly owned subsidiary. Upon Cyanco’s acquisition of the North American assets of CyPlus, Mr. Norcross was appointed General Manager for Cyanco Corporation and Cyanco Canada Inc. Along with his new responsibilities in management, Mr. Norcross continues to develop and implement cyanide detoxification processes, handling and analytical equipment. Mr. Norcross received his BS degree in Chemistry from Muhlenberg College in 1984. Over his 23 years in the mining industry Mr. Norcross has worked closely with many gold and silver mining companies around the world and has authored and co-authored numerous papers, presentations and patents.